Buddha Miniatures


Miniature Blessing Buddha with aura

Cast from bronze
in Thailand

Another great miniature Buddha from Thailand.  Seated on high lotus pedestal in blessing position.

Has been blessed.

Buddha with 7 headed snake

Seven Headed

Miniature Buddha seated under the hoods of the seven headed Naga or snake (cobra)

One day while Buddha was meditating to become Enlightened, a huge storm came to where He was.
Just as the storm approached a large Cobra came up behind Buddha and stretched out his hoods to protect Buddha from the storm.  Once the storm had subsided the Naga (snake) retracted his hoods and moved away, thus protecting the Buddha from the storm.

Happy Buddha Medium

Bronze miniature
made in Thailand

Happy Buddha statue with palm leaf over head.

Measures: 5.5 centimetres tall

Miniature Buddha Gold Colour

Beautiful miniature Buddha
Made in Thailand

All the way from exotic Thailand.

Made in Temples, beautiful miniature Buddha images.

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Buddha Sitting on stand

Great detail on this
little Buddha Statue

All the way from exotic Thailand.

Made in Temples, beautiful miniature Buddha images.

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Reclining Buddha Pewter

Made from Pewter
Reclining Thai Style Buddha

A beautiful statue of Buddha in His Reclining pose.

Made from Pewter and measures 6 centimetres long.

Ideal for the collector.

Pewter Buddha Seated

Miniature Buddha
Cast in Pewter

A lovely Buddha image cast in pewter, Ideal for the Buddhist in your family or the collector of all things miniature.

Measures: 5 centimetres tall.

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Pewter Buddha Head Miniature

Made from pewter
Great design with gold
coloured hair

A lovely miniature Buddha head, cast in pewter.

Ideal for the Miniature collector in your family or anyone who loves Buddha statues.

Measures: 4 centimetres tall.

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Large miniature Buddha with bowl

Cast from Bronze
in Thailand

A beautiful miniature (slightly larger style) statue, made in Thailand.

Here he is seated with his bowl in both hands.

Measures: 5.5 centimetres tall

Small Blessing Buddha Silver Colour

Beautiful little Buddha
Cast in Bronze in Thailand

A unique statue of the Buddha, this one is made from bronze in Thailand.

He holds his right hand in the Blessing pose and his bowl in his left hand.

Ideal for the collector.

Measures:  2.6 cms tall.

Miniature Buddha Cross Legs Holding Bowl

Made in Thailand
from Bronze

Beautiful Buddha with Aura behind him, as he sits cross legs on a lotus, he is also holding his bowl.

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Measures: 4.5 cms tall

Miniature Emerald Buddha from Thailand

Made in Thailand
The Emerald Buddha

This Buddha is a copy of the most famous Emerald Buddha in Thailand, it resides in the Kings Palace Temple.

Here Buddha is in his Summer Decorative Robes.

The Emerald Buddha is actually made from Jade.  A must see if you are visiting Thailand.

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Measures: 3 cms tall.

Pra Chinnarat Buddha Miniature

Pra Chinnarat Buddha
From Sukothai in Thailand

A famous Buddha image that can be see in very large numbers especially in Sukothai in Thailand.

Made from Bronze in Thailand, this is a very special Buddha to Thais.

Measures: 3.5 cms tall

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Buddha Touching Earth Miniature Statue

The Earth Witness

Bronze Buddha image made in Thailand.

 The "earth witness" Buddha is one of the most common iconic images of Buddhism. It depicts the Buddha sitting in meditation with his left hand, palm upright, in his lap, and his right hand touching the earth. This represents the moment of the Buddha's enlightenment.

Measures: 3.5 cms

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Miniature Buddha in meditation

Bronze Statue
Made in Thailand

Buddha seated in meditation posture, cast in bronze in Thailand.

Ideal for the collector or the Buddhist in your family.

Measures: 3.5 cms tall

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