Beanie & Hats

All of these pure wool beanies are hand knitted in Nepal


Peace Mohawk Beanie

pure wool
knitted in Nepal

Great beanie with a mohawk on top and large peace sign on both sides.

Wear it with pride - spread the message of peace.

Has ear flaps to keep them nice and warm too.

Polar fleece lining for extra warmth and comfort.

Crazy Yellow Beanie

Bulging eyes & red mouth
Pure wool knitted in Nepal

Startle your friends, wear it to a party, wear it at the beach, or at the snow or just down the street.

Your'e sure to get plenty of glances.

Pure wool and hand knitted in Nepal, polar fleece lined for extra warmth and comfort.

Sherpa Beanie Blue

Pure wool
hand knitted in Nepal

Nepalese beanie as pictured.

Has polar fleece lining for extra warmth and comfort.

Rainbow Mohawk Beanie

Polar fleece lined
for extra warmth & comfort

A great mohawk design with vibrant rainbow colours.

Knitted in Nepal from pure wool

Sherpa Beanie Black / White

Ear flaps to keep them warm too

Hand knitted in Nepal. as pictured

Sherpa Beanie Rainbow

Vibrant colours
Polar fleece lined

With ear flaps to keep your ears warm as well as your head.

Hand knitted in Nepal

Polar Bear Beanie

Cute bear beanie
favourite of everyone

Be the life of the party, impress the girls or the boys, everyone loves the cute polar bear beanie.

Knitted from pure wool, with fluffy little ears and a cute nose, eyes and mouth.

Polar fleece lined for extra warmth and comfort.

Rainbow Peace Mohawk

Pure wool
Polar fleece lined

Another great design from Nepal, this Rainbow coloured Mohawk Beanie with peace sign on each side is sure to impress.


Cotton Hat

Keep the sun off your head

Great cotton hat, with slashed fabric design, it has a more plain pattern on the inside and can be worn either way.

Great if your'e out in the sun, ideal for fisherman, hikers or just going to the shops.

See reversible side in photo number two.

Made in Nepal.

Regular Beanie

Pure wool &
Polar fleece lined
Choose your colour
$15.50 each

Regular style beanie without ear flaps.

Hand knitted in Nepal