Prayer Flags

Tibetan Buddhist Prayer Flags.

Many different styles to choose from.

Windhorse, Medicine Buddha, Tara, Chenrezig, Jambala and more.

Small, medium and large. Available in cotton or silk.

Prayer Flags Standard Size

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As seen around the world
standard size

Windhorse Prayer Flags 25 on a cord each flag 25 x 18 centimetres (approx)

as seen around the world or even on houses in your neighbourhood.

sizes may vary slightly due to changes is stock

Three sets small Prayer Flags

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Mini Prayer Flags
ONLY $15 for 3 sets

Three sets of Prayer Flags as pictured.  See them hanging on 2nd photo.

Ideal as gifts or put a set over your doorway they fit there just nicely.

Made in Nepal from cotton.

Designs may vary slightly / due to changes in stock

Lotus Affirmation Flags

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7 flags with beautiful
affirmations on each

These flags are ideal for the person you know who is having a rough time, physically or emotionally.

There are seven flags one for each day of the week.  They each have a different saying to boost the readers spirits.

The first flag has a lotus bud, each following flag shows the lotus flower slowly opening up until on the 7th flag the Lotus is in full bloom on a lily pad on the surface of the water.

See the photos for the sayings.  (ONLY $12.00 for the set of 7 on one cord) already fixed onto the cord

Tibetan Pole Prayer Flags

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Horizontal Prayer Flags
Five colours to choose from -  $14.00 set

Tibetan Prayer Flags as pictured.  These are horizontal flags and designed to be tied on a pol or side of building etc.

They are available in plain white or the coloured ones as pictured.

Prayer Flags are printed with auspicious symbols, prayers, and mantras.
Tibetan Buddhists for centuries have used these flags outside their homes and places of spiritual worship for the wind to carry the beneficent prayers across the country.
Prayer flags are said to bring happiness, long life and prosperity to those who fly the flags and those in the vicinity.

These Pole Flags measure 180 cms tall x 60 cms across (approx)


Buddhist Flag

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Made in Nepal
Universal Buddhist Flag

International Buddhist Flag as pictured

Windhorse Wishes Flags

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Send your wishes to
loved ones and friends

Om Windhorse Flags - 5 flags on cord
Write your wishes for departed loved ones on them or friends that are alive to send them your love and best wishes.

Click on photo to see more images.


Silk Prayer Flag

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8 Auspicious
signs / prayers / mantra

These are NEW just arrived from Nepal. Beautiful colourfull Silk Prayer Flags silk print with the 8 auspicious signs prayers and mantras all the animals on the tibetan culture these are one of the best flags ive ever seen.

Medicine Buddha Flags

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Medicine Buddha
Blessing flags

Medicine Buddha Prayer Flags in Tibetan language

Made from cotton (approx 30 x 30 cms)

10 flags on one string

Tara Silk Flag

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White Tara
Silk Prayer Flag

Beautiful White Tara on a silk flag.

See photos for more detail. 


Karmapa Dream Flag

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Wherever this flag is flown
The Dharma (Buddha's Teaching)
Will flourish.

 The 16th Gyalwa Karmapa, well known for his visions and prophesies, designed this flag from a vision that came to him in a dream. He called it Namkhyen Gyaldar (Victorious Flag of Buddha’s Wisdom). He proclaimed, "Wherever this banner is flown the Dharma will flourish."

According to the outer meaning the blue represents the sky or heaven. The yellow symbolizes the earth. The wave symbolizes the Buddha-dharma.

The blue colour represents vision and spiritual insight and the yellow symbolizes our experience of the everyday world.
The symmetry of the wave pattern shows the interdependence of the absolute and relative levels of reality.

Measures: 66 x 118 centimetres

Has space to slide pole for hanging.

Three Styles of Flags

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The Four Noble Friends Flags
Seven Chakras Flags
Eight Auspicious / Lucky Signs Flags

Choose the Flags you want by clicking the button next to the description.

Top: Tibetan Buddhist 8 Auspicious or Lucky Signs flags (eight flags on a cord as pictured)

Middle: Seven Chakras Flags with Sayings under each symbol. (seven flags on cord as pictured)

Bottom: Four Noble Friends (Elephant, monkey, rabbit and bird)  (ten flags on cord as pictured)