Prayer Wheels

Beautiful Tibetan Buddhist Prayer wheels.

Some highly decorated with Turquoise and Red Coral.

Miniature to large size available.


Large Standing Prayer Wheel

Made in Nepal
Excellent Prayer Wheel

A wonderful Tibetan Buddhist Prayer Wheel made in Nepal from wood on outside and frame.

The barrel in centre is made from metal with Prayers inside.

Spin clockwise to send out your Prayers.

Click on photo to see more close up images.

Measures:  39 high x 35 wide x 17 deep / centimetres

Wall Prayer Wheel

Made from wood with a metal barrel
Has prayers printed on paper inside barrel.

Tibetan Buddhist - Large Prayer wheel can be fixed to your wall so every time you walk past you can give it a spin and send your prayers.

Quite a large size and Made in Nepal a genuine Prayer Wheel as used in Temples and Shrines worldwide.

Click photo to see more photos and close up views.

Measures: 30 high x 30 wide x 15 deep in centimetres.


Wood Prayer Wheel set with Buddha

Made in Nepal
2 Prayer Wheels
Buddha and Dragons

A beautiful Prayer wheel set, you can place it on a table or your Altar, spin the wheels.

Hand made and painted in traditional Tibetan Buddhist colours. Made from wood.

Measures: 38 x 24.5 cms

Miniature Prayer Wheel

Has Prayers written
on paper inside

A miniature Prayer Wheel.  So small yet just the same as all Prayer Wheels.

Has a great spinning action also has prayers written on paper inside the wheel.

Made in Nepal from copper and brass.  A great gift idea for the Buddhist in the family.

Hand held Prayer Wheel with Red Coral

Beautifully Decorated with
Turquoise and Coral chips

Great Prayer Wheel hand decorated with Red Coral chips and Turquoise

Made in Nepal and comes with wooden handle, the outer is made from copper and brass.

Just hold gently with your fingers and spin clockwise to send your Prayers to the heavens.

Om Mani Pade Hum Mantra written on paper rolled inside the Prayer Wheel barrel.

Click photo to see more detail

Measures:  21 x 5 centimetres

Solar Power Prayer Wheel

Send your Prayers
while you are out

Beautiful Solar Powered Prayer Wheel.

Has prayers printed on paper inside just the same as all of our other Prayer Wheels.

Works if left in indirect sunlight or under flourescent light or globes

Designs and packaging may vary due to changes in stock.

Extra Large Prayer Wheel

Dharma Wheel and Deer on top
Hand Made in Nepal

A beautiful example of Nepalese workmanship.

This is a fantastic extra large Prayer Wheel, made from wood with metal barrel in centre.

Good spinning action.

Ideal for your Temple or Home Shrine, a local Buddhist Group as well or just someone who likes collecting Buddhist items.

Measures:  68 high x 46 wide  x 24 deep / centimetres

Prayer Wheel Hand Held / Colourful

Large Prayer Wheel
decorated with Lapis, Turquoise
& Coral colour tiles

A beautiful Prayer Wheel made in Nepal - the prayers are printed on paper inside the barrell of the Prayer Wheel
Also has the Tibetan Buddhist - Eight Auspicious (Lucky) symbols around the outside in copper.

Just hold the handle and spin gently clockwise and you will be sending your Prayers to the Heavens.

This  Prayer wheel decorated with Lapis, Turquoise & Coral Colour tiles. (see photos for closer detail)
The design in the centre is the Tibetan Buddhist 8 Auspicious Signs.

Ideal for a Buddhist or collector of beautiful objects.

Large Wall Prayer Wheel

Endless Love Knot
bracket to fixt to wall

All the way from Nepal, this beautifully designed and functional wall prayer wheel can be attached to a wall at your required height so you can spin it every time you walk by.

Covered in Turquoise gemstones with red coral decorations as well this Prayer Wheel is made from quality brass.

Prayers are written on paper and included inside the barrel of the Prayer Wheel.

Currently sold out more coming soon.

Prayer Wheel from Nepal

Brass and copper
Nepalese Prayer wheel

Beautiful design this brass and copper Prayer Wheel has the Prayers written on paper inside the barrel.

Lovely Mantra inscribed on outside of barrel also / and has a great spinning action.

Measures:  32 centimetres (including handle)

Large Hand Held Prayer Wheel

Made from Copper
and brass

Crafted in Nepal from copper and brass with a wood handle.

Has Prayers printed on paper inside like all Prayer Wheels should.

Just hold in your hand and start spinning clockwise and send your Prayers to the heavens.

As used by Tibetan Buddhists worldwide.

Measures:  31 x 7 cms     (12 x 2 33/4 inches)

Copper & Brass Prayer Wheel

Send your Prayers
Medium size Prayer Wheel

Made from copper and brass with prayers printed on paper roll inside the barrel section.

Just spin in a clockwise direction and start sending your prayers, concentrated your mind on the Mantra.

Measures:  20 cms long   (8 inches)

Wood Prayer Wheel 3 in set

Made from wood
three Prayer Wheels
under Pagoda style cover

Lovely Tibetan Buddhist Prayer wheel made in Nepal has Mantra around outside of the barrel of the Praye Wheels.
Has two dragons on the roof for protection.

They are housed under a Pagoda roof like construction and hand painted.

We have only one available at present.  (see the photos for close up views)

Measures:  43 x 26 centimetres  (17 x 10.5 inches)

Tibetan Prayer Wheel Black and Gold

Prayers printed inside
Eight Auspicious Signs
around outside

Lovely Prayer Wheel all the way from Nepal.

Made from copper and brass, has the Tibetan Buddhist / Eight Auspicious (lucky) Symbols embossed on the barrell (see photo)

Prayers are printed on paper inside the barrel - Ideal for use in a Temple, Buddhist Centre, Gompa or on your Altar at home.

This is a great gift for a Buddhist if you don't know what to get them.

Measures:  21.5 high x 12 wide (centimetres)

Free Standing Copper Prayer Wheel

Ideal to sit on your Altar
or Table at home.

Photo coming soon

Has the prayers written on paper inside the Prayer Wheel, just spin clockwise and you are sending your prayers.

Om Mani Pade Hum.

Fantastic for yourself or a gift for a family or friend who is Buddhist.

Measures:  20 x 1.5 centimetres