Incense Storage Container

Incense Storage Containers

Keep your incense fresh as the day you purchase it.

Keep it safe from being crushed or broken.

As used in Temples and Shrines worldwide.

And they look fabulous too.

Copper and brass incense storage container

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Made in Nepal
Brass & Copper

Keep your incense nice and fresh with a storage container as used in some Temples around the world.

Made from brass and copper they will keep incense not only fresh but also free from damage.

Measures 28 cms

Turquoise Incense Storage

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Decorated with
Turquoise & Red coral

Beautiful incense storage container made from brass and copper decorated with red coral & turquoise.

Store your incense to keep it fresh and avoid damage.

This is a highly decorated one, maybe a gift for a special friend or loved one.

Measures 26 cms

Incense Storage container with turquoise

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Decorated with
turquoise & red coral

Made in Nepal from brass & copper this is a beautiful example of Nepales craftsmanship.

Keep your incense not only fresh but free from damage.

Measures 22 cms approx

Turquoise Lapis and Coral Storage Container

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Hand made in Nepal
Store incense or important document
Marriage License ~ Will ~ Letters

This is a beautifully made scroll or document container, sometimes used to keep incense in.

Store you University degree, marriage license, will, or special letters for yourself or your childrens future.

Made from copper it is also decorated with turquoise, lapis and coral coloured tiles and beads as pictured.

Measures: 21 centimetre long