Wooden Tibetan Box incense burner

Incense Burners

Plenty of variety here.  We have Charcoal Burners, Incense Stick Burners, Cone Burners & Tibetan Incense Burners.  Take your time and browse through them all.

Designs and sizes may vary slightly due to changes in stock.


Five Buddha Burner

Brass with Turquoise
& Red Coral

A great incense burner made in Nepal. 
Has four Buddha images around the outside and a Dorje in the centre, also turquoise and red coral stones plus the eight Auspicious or Lucky Tibetan Buddhist symbols around the top. 
Has a deep tray to catch any ash.

This incense burner is suitable for any type of incense, the centre Buddha lifts off so you can burn charcoal or incense cones inside safely. 

Made from copper Measures:13 cms across.

Please Note: This burner now has four Buddha and one Dorje in centre.

Enclosed incense burner box

Made from wood with
Brass decoration

Great incense burner, made from wood.

Just light your incense sticks or cones and place inside the box, sit back and enjoy.
There is even a section in the base where you can store your incense sticks.

With this box style burner you can place your sticks or cones inside and never worry about ash falling on your table.

Measures: 30 cms long x 5 cms wide


Elephant Incense burner or ornament

Choose your colour when ordering
ONLY $24.95 each

Made in Thailand these beautiful seated elephants with tusks are made from wood by products.

Lift up the elephant and place your incense cone on the plate then put your elephant on top.

The incense smoke come out through his mouth and trunk.

Measures: 20 x 12 cms

Extra Large Hanging Incense Burner

Made from copper and brass
FREE packet of charcoal included.

Extra Large Incense burner hangs on a chain.

Put your incense inside on charcoal or use cone incense.

Measures 26cms approx from top to bottom.  When measured including chain it's 40 cms approx

Post including tracking within Australia is $18.50

Buddha Hand incense burner

Regular incense sticks
Tibetan & Rope incense

Hand made from clay in Nepal this great incense burner can be used to burn Rope Incense, Tibetan Incense (thick sticks) or traditional incense sticks.


Wood Incense Burners.01

Traditional small
wood incense burner

The most common of incense burners. 

With Yin Yang symbol in brass at one end.

See our other designs there are so many to choose from.

$2.50  for one

Charcoal Burner

Two designs $9.95 each
resin or powder incense

If you burn resin or powdered incense these are what you need.  (cone incense can also be burnt on these)

One is brass (left in the photo)  the other is stone with a wood stand, (Stone burner currently sold out) 

You will need charcoal tablets, just light one of the charcoal tablets then place on the mesh in top of your charcoal burner, as it starts to heat up just sprinkle your resin or powder incense on the charcoal.
(start with a small amount first)



Charcoal tablets for Burning resin incense

Use in your charcoal burner
when burning resin or powdered incense

Approximately 10 charcoal tablets in a roll.

Just light the side of one charcoal tablet and place in your Charcoal burner or any non flamable vessel or bowl.

Sprinkle your resin or powdered incense over the top a little at a time.

Sit back and relax in your favourite space while your incense fragrance fills your room.

If you would like more than one packet just adjust the amount when ordering.

Click photo for instructions on use.

Hanging Incense Burner

Made in Nepal
from Copper & chain

Fantastic Incense burner as used in Temples across the world.

Have this little bit of Temple in your own home or workplace.

Just light your incense cones or resin/powder incense and place the lid on top  and hang where you like.

Colours and design may vary due to changes in stock.

Measures 16 x 16 centimetres

Tibetan Incense Burner

Box style burner
Tibetan Buddhist Eight Auspicious signs

This is a very special incense burner, it is made from wood with the Tibetan Buddhist Eight Auspicious (lucky) signs  carved on the front in brightly colourd design.

The lid lifts up and inside there is a tray where you lay some sand then light the incense and place on the sand to burn slowly. 

At one end there is a drawer which goes the whole length of the box, this is to store your incense in.

All in all a great design and beautiful as well.  Suitable to burn all types of incense.

Happy Buddha Incense Burner

Stick incense

The Happy Buddha on an incense burner, this burner is for stick incense.

Egyptian Incense Burner

Egyptian Pharoah
Stick Incense Burner

Made in Bali this incense burner is suitable for incense sticks.

Ideal for the collector of Egyptian items.

Wood Boat Shape Burner

Incense burner
with storage inside

Another beautiful incense burner from India, this one also has a compartment to store your incense inside,

Has a beautiful brass inlay design on each side.

Measures: 32 cms Approx

Boat Shape Burner

Storage compartment
burn 2 sticks at once

Lovely design incense burner, this one can burn two sticks at a time.

Has storage compartment to store you extra incense and keep it fresh.

Nice carved design along the sides.

Dorje Clay Incense Burner

Double Dorje
Made in Nepal

Hand made in Nepal and beautifully painted Double Dorje (protection from evil) design.

Measures: 8 cms across approx