Singing & Healing Bowls

Bowls of many styles and tones

Each singing bowl here comes with a FREE wooden striker as pictured with the bowl.
Healing bowls come with a gong striker FREE of charge.

All of our sining and healing bowls are carefully selected by ourselves for their pure sound quality and tone.

Please note: designs may vary from time to time due to changes in stock.

If you would like to hear one please just call Andy on 0409 068 727 and he can play for your over the phone.

If you have any other enquiries just email to store@abearsoldwares.com




18 centimetre Deep Tone Tibetan Bowl

Soothing tone
Large Singing Bowl
FREE striker

A beautiful soothing tone comes from this large Tibetan Singing Bowl

Free striker included.  Ideal for use in sound therapy.

If you would like to hear this bowl over the phone please call Andy on 0409 068 727

Measures: 18 across x 8.5 high (centimetres)

Markings may vary slightly due to changes in stock.


Tibetan Singing Bowl with Dorje inside

Protection from Evil

A beautiful sound and lovely to look at also easy to play.

Measures: 14.5 cms across (approx)

Healing Bowl 25.5 cms Deep Tone

Fantastic tone
As used by Healers and Yoga Practitioners

So wonderful to look at and when struck this bowl just goes on and on with it deep resonance.

Etched designs on this amazing bowl include The Tibetan Om Symbol (inside bowl), The Tibetan Buddhist Eight Auspicious Signs (around outside of bowl)  Hand made and etched desings completed in Nepal.

These bowls are sought after by Healers worldwide and are also used in Sound Therapy, and many Yoga studios are now using them now too, they are also being used in Meditation classes by teachers and students alike.

If you would like to hear this bowl over the phone please call Andy on 0409 068 727
Or if you wish to view and hear in person then please visit our Yackandandah store. (weekends)

Measures: 25.5 x 10 centimetres / approx

Weighs: 1.940 kilograms

Yackandandah store.

Tibetan Singing Bowl 11.5 centimetre

Tibetan Singing bowl
made by master bowl makers

Made by experts in Nepal, this beautiful Singing Bowl has a serene sound and is decorated with mantras and more.

Tibetan Om Sign inside / Buddha Eyes Design on base and mantra around the outside.

Comes with FREE striker as pictured. Easy to use.

Click photo for a larger view.

13 centimetre Tibetan Singing Bowl

Gold colour with
Beautiful designs inside and out

This is an unusual design, being gold / brass in colour.

All of our bowls are made in Nepal to specific designs and precious metals.

Comes with FREE striker as pictured.

Click on photo to see more and close up views.

Designs may vary due to changes in stock.

Tibetan Singing Bowl 14.5 cms

A beautiful bowl
with excellent sound

Excellent design with beautiful engravings / mantras and symbols.

Made by experts in the field in Nepal. 14.5 cms across x 6.5 cms high

Comes with FREE striker as pictured.

Don't forget to click on the photo for a larger view and more images.

Designs may vary due to changes in stock.

Tibetan Singing Bowl 14.5 cms Dorje

Double Dorje Symbol
Protection from Evil
Embossed inside

Great bowl with a beautiful sound.

Easy to play and great to look at.

Comes with FREE striker as pictured.

Measures 14.5 centimetres across

Click on photo to see close up and another image.

Ganesh Singing Bowl FREE striker

Ganesh / Hindu God
of Wisdom and Learning

Lovely bowl with serene tone.

Made in Nepal by experts in the field.

Comes with FREE striker as picutred.

Click on photo to see another image and close ups.

If just buying this bowl please select the postage button.

Tibetan Singing Bowl Love Knot Design

Endless love knot.
One of Tibetan Auspicious Symbols

Serene sound and easy to play.

A beaut/iful bowl made by experts in Nepal.

Comes with FREE striker as pictured. Click on photo to see more images.

Endless love knot design embossed inside. (Auspicious sign of Tibetan Buddhism)

Measures: 14.5 cms across

Endless Love Knot design Singing Bowl

Measures 14.5 cms

Beautiful to look and and a fantastic sound, all of our bowls are selected by us for their beautiful tone.

The Symbol inside the bowl is one of the Tibetan Buddhist / Eight Auspicious or Lucky Symbols
The Endless Love Knot.

If buying this singing bowl only just click on the postage option and it can be sent to you straight away.

14.5 Centimetre Tibetan singing bowl

Straight sides
easy to play
Ideal for beginner

Although this bowl is easy to play and ideal for beginners, it's also great for the seasoned Tibetan bowl player.

Comes with a free striker as pictured, just tap gently on the side and start working this bowl, it has a great soft tone.

Designs may vary due to changes in stock.

Measures: 14.5 across x 6.5 high (centimetres)

Extra Large Healing Bowl deep resonance

Very Large Healing Bowl
has a very beautiful tone
long lasting resonance

Hand beaten and made in Nepal this bowl is best when struck with a gong striker as pictured with the bowl.

Exotic design includes the Tibetan Om Sign (inside the bowl) also has the Victory banner on the base,

Click on photo to see more views of this beautiful bowl.

One strike with the striker and the bowl rings on and on for around sixty seconds,
depending on how firmly you strike it.

The striker pictured with the bowl is yours FREE when purchasing the bowl.

The bowl weighs approximately 2.3kilograms

Ideal for use in sound therapy / healing sessions.

Measures:  28.5 centimetres across x 11 cms high / approx

Albury Store

Extra Large Healing Bowl with etched design

Exceptional deep tone
comes with FREE striker

Beautiful sound from this large Healing / Singing Bowl, hand beaten and comes with free gong striker as pictured.

This bowl is one of my favourites we have had in our store. Has the Endless Love Knot design on the base.
It has such a beautiful, deep and  serene tone that just goes on for a very, very long time once struck.

As used by Healers and Sounth Therapists worldwide and becoming popular amongs Yoga teachers and practitioners.

Click the photo to see more / there are beautiufl etchings on this bowl.

Measures: 28.5 centimetres across (approx) ' comes with FREE stiker as pictured. Weight: 2.2 kg approx

If you wish to hear a bowl please phone Andy and he will play for you over the phone 0409 068 727

Delivery by Fastway couriers to Melbourne or Sydney is $18.00
Ask for a quote to your area

Endless Love Knot Design 16.5 cm bowl

Beautiful pure sound
Tibetan Buddhist Lucky Symbol
Endless Love Knot Design

Tibetan singing bowl, this one has the Tibetan Buddhist lucky sign / Endless Love Knot inside the bowl.

If you would like to hear a bowl just phone Andy on 0409 068 727 and he will play over the phone for you.

All of our Tibetan Singing bowls come with a FREE striker as pictured.

Measures:  16.5 cms across (approx)

13 cm Tibetan Singing Bowl

Ganesh design
embossed inside bowl
excellent tone / FREE striker

A beautiful sound and excellent design with Ganesh embossed inside this bowl.

All of our Tibetan singing bowls are chosen by us for the excellent design, decoration and most importantly the sound.

Measures: 13 centimetrres across

Comes with FREE striker as pictured