Mala Bracelets

Mala Bracelets

A mala’s true benefit is activated when your bright awareness brings your intention and commitment to the recitations.
In Buddhism a mala is made of 108 beads crafted from seeds, stone or wood. Also available are wrist malas.

Please note - designs may vary slightly due to constant changes in styles - we will always send the nearest match to your order 

Any Mala Necklaces can be wrapped around a wrist to use as a Mala Bracelet

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500 grams when packed
the cost $9.95 Within Australia

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If buying up to three Mala necklaces just buy one postage of $9.95 / this postage will cover all three.

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Within Australia Only

Light Colour Wood Mala Necklace or Bracelet

Can be wrapped around wrist as Mala bracelet


Beautiful looking Mala, made from wood.

Click photo for larger view  Each bead measures approx 8 mm.


Skull Mala Bracelet

Mala Bracelet
Skull Beads

Skull beads on Mala necklaces or bracelets represents "Impermanence"

Skull Mala bracelet as pictured.- Has stretch elastic so fits most wrists.

As used by many Buddhist and Hindu followers worldwide.

Rose Quartz Mala Bracelet

Mala bracelet Rose Quartz

This Mala bracelet is made from genuine Rose Quartz beads and finished with a pink tassel

Amethyst Mala Bracelet

Amethyst Mala Bracelet

Made with genuine Amethyst Beads has tassell and is stretch elsastic

Mala Bracelet No Tassel

Wood beads
Mala Bracelet

Lovely Mala bracelet as pictured from Nepal, no tassel on this one just the red strings see photo.

Measures: 6.5 centimetres across inside of bracelet.

Yak Bone Mala Bracelet

Made from Tibetan
Yak Bone
Available in

All of our Mala bracelets and necklaces are made by Tibetan Refugees living in Nepal.

When buying these products you can rest assured that you are helping these refugees in employment.
Our suppliers in Nepal assure us that a fair price is paid for workers and that no child labour is used.
Men and women are equally employed in the workplace.

One size fits most wrists PLEASE NOTE:  Only available in WHITE

Small Brown wood Mala Bracelet

Made in Nepal

A small wood Mala Bracelet.

This would fit a young person or an adult female.

Made in Nepal. Please see photo

Yin Yang Mala Bracelet

Yin Yang Beads
Mala Bracelet
One size fits most

This Yin Yang Mala bracelet is made in Nepal.

Has stretch elastic so one size fits most wrists. Click on photo for close up and more pictures.

Bodhi Mala Bracelet Turquoise and Coral

Bodhi Mala Bracelet
with gemstones

This mala has turquoise and red coral chips in the wood and has a yellow tassel as pictured.

As used by Mahayana and Tibetan Buddhists worldwide

Colour may vary due to changes in stock.

Bodhi Wood Mala Bracelet

Bodhi Wood with Turquoise

Made in Nepal this Bodhi Mala bracelet has one turquoise stone and yellow tassell.

Rosewood Mala Bracelet

Great Gift
Beautiful Rosewood

Genuine Rosewood beads used to make this Mala.
Tassel may vary in colour due to changes in stock

Traditional Mala / prayer Bracelet

Sandalwood Mala Bracelet

Genuine Sandalwood Beads

Made from genuine sandalwood beads you will have their fragrance everywhere you go when wearing this bracelet.

Now with large size beads 8 mm