Beautiful chimes with beautiful sounds


Brass Dorje Chime Antique Green finish

Can last a lifetime
Double Dorje symbol windchime
with three chains and bells

A great chime for your garden, not overpowering, it has three bells which will touch one another during a breeze.

The symbol at the top is the Double Dorje / a Tibetan Buddhist symbol / can protect from evil.

Made from quality brass in Nepal so with proper care can last a lifetime. (This one has an antique green finish)

Just hang where ever you like and enjoy the bells. In your garden or outdoor shrine.

Bamboo Wind Chime

Beautiful Chime
Made in Bali

Made from renewable product (bamboo) it's not bad for the environment.

Babmoo chimes have a much more subtle tune than the metal ones and are much better if you have neighbours living nearby.

Can be placed outside / undercover away from direct rain is the best place, on your verandah or barbeque area.

Measures:  110 centimetres approx. (from top of cord to bottom of chime)