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A wonderful selection of amazing bracelets.

Gorgeous and exotic, describes the bracelets on this page.

Have a look through all the designs, you will be pleasantly surprised.

Owl Bracelet gold colour

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Owl bracelet with gold colour
and mother of pearl

Fantastic owl bracelet, with gold colouring and mother of pearl.

Has a snap lock on the back, just put over your wrist and snap it on.

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Was $25.00 Now only $15.00

Teddy Bear Bracelet

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Metal bracelet with
Imitation Gemstones

Beautiful teddy, now in a bracelet.

Made from metal and has imitation gemstones to add more beauty.

A great conversation piece .. wear it to your favourite special function or event.

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Was $25.00 Now only $15.00

Owl Bracelet with turquoise

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Made from metal
with turquoise centrepiece

Beautifully made Owl bracelet. constructed using metal and a feature turquoise body.

Wear to your next party or office function, everyone will want one.

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Was $25.00 Now only $15.00

Snake Bracelet Mao Silver

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Curl this silver snake
around your wrist

Made from Mao Silver.

Just open it slightly and wrap around your wrist.  A great conversation starter.. Ideal for day or evening wear.

At only $29.95 you can't go wrong.

Wrap around bracelet with Buddha Bead

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Stretch elastic
wrap around your hand
Lovely beaded wrap bracelet

Beutiful bracelet, made with stretch elastic, and beautiful coloured beads (also had a Buddha head bead)

Just wrap around your wrist till it fits nice and snug.  Then adjust to have beads you like to the front.

Now your all ready to go out and enjoy your evening.

Elephant Bracelet with happy Buddha

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Opaque beads bracelet
with Elephant and Buddha Head Bead

Beautifully designed bracelet, has an elephant and a Buddha head bead as well.

Click on the photo to see more details and images.

Stretch elastic so fits most wrist sizes.

Peacock Bracelet Multi colour

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Beautiful metal
bracelet with glistening stones

Made from metal and imitation gemstones this is an outstanding bracelet in anyones eyes.

Had a clip at the back to put over your wrist very easily.

Click on the photo to see more images with greater detail

Only $15.00 what more can I say?

Was $25.00 Now only $15.00

Peacock with Turquoise amd sparkling stones

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Made from metal
Sparkling stones added

An amazing look, this beautiful blue / turquoise Peacock bracelet is sure to please any lady.

Rinestones / Imitation gemstones but so beautifully done, looks like a thousand dollar bracelet.

Has a metal clip at the back to easily slip over your wrist.

and for only $25.00 this beauty can be yours.

Charm Bracelet with rhinestones

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Beautifully made charm bracelet
with flower design and rhinestones

A lovely bracelet that you would love to be seen wearing anywhere at all.

Dainty and sweet, just for you or a gift for a special friend.

Mantra Bracelet Mao Silver

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Om Mani Pade Hum
Buddhist Mantra
Beautiful Design

A lovely Mantra bracelet with the Tibetan Buddhist Mantra "Om Mani Pade Hum" in raised lettering.

Very exotic and meaningful "The Jewel in the Lotus" - google the  Om Mani Mantra - for full translation
(small translation is - love peace and harmony) 

Made from Mao Silver.

Butterfly Bracelet with rhinestones

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Beautiful Butterfly bracelet
Faux Turquoise & Rhinestone

Elegant and sophisticated, this lovely butterfly bracelet made from metal with faux turquoise and rhinestone gems.

Would suit any occasion, click on the photo to see more.

It's open at the back so you just open it, slip over your wrist and squeeze till it sits the way you like.

Mao Silver bracelet with butterfly

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Butterfly beads with turquoise ball
silver coloured ball and extender chain

Special little bracelet with turquoise coloured ball, silver ball, butterfly beads and can be extended to fit most wrists.

Has parrot clip for secure fastening.

Great for a special night out or everyday use. Click on photo to see more.

Red beads bracelet with Prayer Wheel

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Tibetan Buddhist
Prayer Wheel
on bracelet

Dainty and beautiful is the best description for this bracelet.

A great idea, little red and black beads with a Tibetan Prayer wheel in the centre.

Will fit most wrists as it has an extender chain.

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