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Mindfulness With Breathing

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Highly Recommended
Easy to read & understand

Easy to read and understand

I can't recommend this book highly enough. So easy to read and understand, I couldn't put it down till I'd finished reading it.  The explanations are so easy to deal with, all in all I love it.

Using a straightforward style of presentation the Author provides all you need to know to become free of stress and worry through the "simple and beautiful act of sitting quietly, alive to the breathing". as taught by the Buddha.

I first found the book 20 years ago when visiting Thailand. 
This is the new revised edition, basically a larger format and larger print.

The Author Buddhadasa Bhikkhu (passed away in 1993) is perhaps the most influential Buddhist teacher in the history of Thailand.  In 1932 he founded Wat Suan Mokkha-blarama, on of the first forest monasteries in Thailand.


Dali Lama Autobiography

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His Holiness the Dali Lama
My Spiritual Autobiography

This vivid and moving autobiographical portrait is the first work to be dedicated to the Dali Lama's spiritual journey.
Personal in tone, but universal in scope, it presents the arc of his spiritual vision from his boyhood in rural Tibet, through his life as a monk in India, to his exile as one of the world's most visible leaders.

Hi Holiness's unique spiritual formation and the unusual course of his life mean that his opinions on religion and politics are listened to with respect and admiration.
Here he gives views on topics as diverse as the environment, his successor and religious militancy.   At the same time, his tought-provoking spiritual insights provide and inspiring example, encouraging us to combine love and compassion in all that we do.

'My dear friend His Holiness the Dali Lama is not simply a holy man.  He is recognized throughout the world as one of our few true moral authorities.  In his new book, My spiritual Autobiography, he shares lessons learned from a remarkable life, in turn showing us how to live our own lives with compassion, non-violence and love'
(above quote by ~ Fellow Nobel Peace Prize Laureate,  Desmond Tutu)

The Universe in a Single Atom

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How science and spirituality
can serve our world

In this rare, personal investigation, His Holiness the Dalai Lama discusses his vision of science and faith working hand in hand to alleviate human suffering.

Drawing on a lifetime of scientific study and religious practice, he explores the great debates and makes astonishing connections between seemingly disparate topics - such as evolution and karma - that will change the way we look at the world.

Answers - Dalai Lama

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Discussions with
Western Buddhists

Throughout these wide ranging discussions, the Dalai Lama shows himself once again to be a superb scholar of Buddhist philosophy with a strong penchant for practicality ... one of the most fascinating religious figures of our time.

Available Truth

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Excursions into Buddhist Wisdom
& the Natural World
By Bhikkhu Nyanasobhano

With his books Landscapes of Wonder and Longing for Certainty, this American monk led readers down literary trails, providing enlightening glimpses of the natural world.

In Available Truth, he guides us further along the path.
His unqualified embrace of the Buddha's worldview... in intelligent and deeply thoughtful prose .. distinguishes his work from many other Western Buddhist books.  Along with reflections on mindfulness, impermanence, and the end of suffering, Bhikkhu Nyanasobhano is not afraid to delve into the topics of rebirth, karma, nonvirtue, and the roles of reasoned faith, ritual, and monasticism.

This book will surely stand the test of time as both sound teaching and elegant writing.

Three Silver Coins Children's Buddhist Book

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A story from Tibet
A lesson in compassion
Vibrant coloured drawings
on almost every page

An entralling book for your children to read, or read to them if they are very young.

The story begins...........
Once upon a time there was a poor boy named Jinpa who lived in the high mountains of Tibet.
For his hard work one day he received three gleaming silver coins. With these you can become rich his mother told him. Invest them wisely, and they will increase a hundredfold. So into the world Jinpa went, carrying his three silver coins, to seek his fortune.

"This authentic Tibetan tale, delightfully told and masterfully illustrated with gorgeous colours and lovable characters, is destined to become a classic.  Readers will worry about poor troubled Jinpa until they realize that his kind nature turns rotten luck into good fortune again and again.  Highly enertaining!"

A lesson in compassion... has a wonderful fairy-tale qualit, and enticing illustratins (Tricycle / The Buddhist review)

Mindufulness, Bliss, & Beyond

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A meditatior's handbook
By Ajahn Brahm

Ajahn Brahm is a revered spiritual guide and the abbot of one of the largest monasteries in the southern hemisphere, regularly drawing multinational audiences of thousands.

Self described "meditation junkie"  Ajahn Brahm here shares his knowledge and experience of the jhanas - a core part of the Buddha's original meditation teaching.
The beginning instructions are some of the best anywhere, and the descriptions of the advances states are unparalleled in their vividness.

He lives in Serpentine, Australia.


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By Geshe Tenzin Zopa

Geshe Tenzin Zopa holds a doctorate in Buddhist Philosophy from Sera Jey Monastic University in South India and is a master in Tibetan Buddhist rituals.

He is currently the Resident Teacher at Losang Dragpa Buddhist Society, Malaysia and is also the Director of the Tsum Vally Project (Himalayan Region), which provides Buddhist study and practice facilities and accommodation for the community in the Valley.

Geshed Tenzin Zopa has a contemporary style of teaching which he combines with ancient wisdom derived from his years of philosophical studies and debate.

He is the face of a dynamic and socially engaged Buddhism in the 21st century.

Tara's Enlightened Activity

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By Khenchen Palden Sherab
and Khenpo Tsewang Dongyal

The female Buddhist Deity Tara is an object of devotional worshipand medatitive practice for Tibetan Buddhists everywhere.
She clears away fears, overpowers negative emotions, and enables all beings to reach enlightenment. She has a special resonance as a source of female spiritual wisdom.
Tibetans of all schools and traditions recite the verses on which this commentary is based.
Focused comtemplative meditation in relation to the myraid aspects of Tara work to transform the practitioner's mind into those enlightened qualities and mind states that Tara represents.

242 pages / paperback


Green Tara ~ Daily Meditations

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A short practice of Green Tara
including praises to the twenty one Taras

The practice of Tara, "The Liberator," is especially used to ensure success in all of our endeavours, whether they are worldly or spiritual in nature.  By cultivating the shish that all of our endeavours ultimately benefit others, we can call upon the power of Tara to get things done in a most amazing way. 
Whether you are looking for the right partner in relationship or wishing to find the conditions for entering into a life of solitary retreat, the practice of Tara is the perfect recipe for success.

By Lama Zopa Rinpoche and Lama Thubten Yeshe

Foundationd for the pereservation of the Mahayana Tradition.

Currently out of stock / more coming soon

Singing Bowl

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Exercises for Personal Harmony
by Anneke Huyser

Anneke Huyser explains the symbolism of the bowls, and  beaters, how their metals correspond to the lanets, and how planetary energies, reflected in the frequencies of certain bowls, can be harnessed for personal transformation.

  She also provides information on the frequencies of colours so you can combine sound with colour therapy principles, and she includes basic information about the body's seven major chakras and how they are affected by singing bowls.

All in all a very useful guide to singing and healing bowls.


Gods and Goddesses

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And Ritual Objects
Buddhist and Hindu

An informative book with sketches throughout.

Describes  the Published by the Handicraft Association of Nepal

77 pages full of drawings and descriptions.

Everything from Kapalas, Auspicious Signs, Buddhas, Taras, Mandala, Om Sign and so much more.

Ritual Objects & Deities

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An iconography on
Buddhism & Hinduism

The intention of this book is to introduce the value of eastern major religions especially Hinduism and Buddhism of which ritual artefacts, have  importance and significance.

Consisting of 109 pages with black & white sketches of all items and their meaning discussed, such as Om, the swastika, different varieties of Stupa, special elephants, Buddha, Vishnu, and every Hindu God & Goddess, and all Buddhist Bodhisattvas too many to mention here.  This is an excellent guide for those interested or if you need to find out more details on a certain statue you wish to buy, then this is the book for you.

Compiled by:  Mukhiya N. Lama

Singing Bowls a Practical Handbook

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A practical handbook
of instruction & use

Written by Evy Rudy Jansen.

This book explains the Himalayan bowls, also known as Tibetan or Nepalese singing bowls and he special sounds they make, called sound massage.

The author discusses the meeting between East and West, singing bowls, sacrificial dishes, how the bowls work, synchronization and inner massage, shamanisim and brainwaves, and practical instruction for working with thes sounds.

It does provide practical information about using them as well as showing you how to go about finding the bowl that is right for you.  The mysteries explained here are a wonderful overview if you want to open you heart and mind to the therapeutic value of this phenomena.


The Healing Buddha

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A Practice for the Prevention
and Healing of Disease

This booklet contains a meditation practice on the Healing (Medicine) Buddha, a fully enlightened being whose purpose is both to cure disease and to prevent it's onset.
This practice was composed and translated by Lama Zopa Rinpoche. 

Also included here is The Prayer Liberating Sakya From Disease, a beautiful and powerful prayer that brings great blessings.

Composed by Padmasambhave
Translated by Lama Zopa Rinpoche.

Foundation for the preservation fo the Mahayana Tradition