Worry Dolls & Fair Trade - Guatemala Products


Worry Doll Headband / Hairband

Remember the worry dolls?
Now you can wear them
everywhere you go
$14.95 each - choose your favourite colour

This is the new craze, kids of all ages love them 

They are Guatemalan worry dolls but this time on a headband.

You can take them with you everywhere you go - display them proudly on your head for all to see.

They are so cute and come in different colours.  -  Choose your colour from the list when ordering.

Postage with tracking within Australia is $8.50   (SPECIAL  DEAL -  Buy five and get FREE DELIVERY within Australia)

Owl back pack hand made

Fair trade backpack
from Guatemala
suitable for child or small adult

Look at this amazing back pack.

Made in Guatemala - this back pack is a fair trade product and good quality.

Have your child to be the first one at school wearing one of these, limited numbers available.

Postage with tracking is $8.50  (within Australia only)  other countries please ask for a shipping quote.

Worry Dolls four in a bag / purse

All the way from South America
Fair Trade Worry Dolls
hand made in Guatemala

Worry dolls - maybe you have had some when you were a child.

Remember how comforting they were back then? 

Well now your children, relatives children, nieces, nephews or the children of friends can benefit from them as well.

The story goes that when your child is having trouble sleeping, maybe due to the worries of life in general, then you give a worry doll to them.

They tell their worries to the Worry Doll and place it under their pillow when going to bed.
The Worry Doll does all their worrying for them and they can have a good nights sleep.

Not only that - how could you resist them? They are so cute...

Usually there are only one Worry Doll in a bag - but our special pack is here to stay -  see below for details.

You get:
one crochet purse / bag
one large worry doll
three small worry dolls
one message about the worry dolls.  (click on photo for more details)

All this for only $4.50 
Buy 10 and get FREE DELIVERY with tracking / within Australia

Cat Soft Toy Fair Trade Guatemala

Delightful cat
soft toy product from
South America

Beautiful cat soft toy from Guatemala / South America.

This is a Fair Trade Product / it is made from cotton and filled with soft pillow filling.

Measures: 7 cms wide x 13 cms tall

Dinosaur soft toy Fair Trade

All the way from Guatemala
this beautiful little fair trade

Lovely and colourful, the ideal first toy for your baby.

Give him or her something to treasure - make their first toy a fair trade toy.

Dino the dinosaur will certainly attract their attention and keep them amused for ages.

Made from pure cotton and filled with non toxic foam

Measures: 10 cms tall x 28 cms long

Cute Elephant soft toy fair trade

Brightly coloured
Soft Toy Elephant
from Guatemala / South America

Cute and soft, with bright colours to attract your little one.

Hand made with cotton and soft filling, this little Elephant is sure to bring joy and happiness to your child.

Maybe this can become their favourite toy which they will keep and pass on to their children also.

Measures: 9 cms tall x 13 cms long